Making Waves

Nancy KochenowerBlog


salty waves lick noses and toes
H2O’d hair meets sunlight and glows
sand-covered hands reach for anything frozen
giggles and squeals lost as ocean’s roar grows and
you’re free to seek out the highs and the lows
clad coolly in flip flops and minimal clothes

summertime offers to you who will seize
golden-drenched days and capricious silk breeze
putting your feet up, relishing ease
of languishing lazily long as you please

rested, relaxed you begin to explore
treats for the palate, fun stuffs galore
go for it! now is your time to soar
sky’s the limit, so venture high above shore
to realms you have dreamed of, wanting much more

reach out and grasp what you’re longing to try
live life to the fullest don’t let it pass by
way up in the clouds you’ll be thrilled as you fly
near the sun with the birds above, super high

you could sing, you could dance, play violin or a horn
become skater, or juggler; a gymnast or clown
the list just gets longer, it goes on and on

for most things I wish you well as you seek
a challenge you’ll claim riding life to its peak
yet I have an offer for adventure I think
you will love as you forge ahead and don’t shrink

a chance to make waves in your world you may find
as you watch as you listen and make up your mind
to experience a journey you’ll love as you climb
where you’ll savor sweet pleasures; enjoy the sublime

so get ready to join me ‘cause I’ll be in touch
when I’m finished preparing, bet you’ll like it a bunch

have a blast as you travel on road trip or flight
when you get home come back to check my website
where you may discover a lifelong delight