Best Age to Have Your Child’s Portrait Painted

Nancy KochenowerBlog

One of the first questions a parent asks me when contemplating having their child’s portrait painted is, 
“What is the best age to have my child’s portrait painted?”

The answer is there’s no set age to have a painting done of your child but there are some factors I’m going to share with you that may help you make the best decision for your family as to when may be the most advisable time to proceed.

An age that’s often chosen for painting little ones is sometime between the ages of three and five. This may be because three-year-olds are getting to the age where they are more cooperative during a photography session than they would be at an earlier age, and their faces have developed to the extent where their particular bone structures are more evident than they were before the age of three.

Some people prefer to have their children painted before the age of five because then one is most likely to get photos of them before they lose their front teeth, a process that often begins in the sixth year of life if not right before that.

When their permanent teeth are in children seem to take on a more mature appearance than they had when their teeth were smaller. Also, by this time some children may be in the process of getting braces put on their teeth.

Children often begin to take on a gangly appearance sometime around the age of six to eight-years-old, too, though not always. It’s just that a parent doesn’t know whether or not this will happen with their child until the string-bean look has begun to take place!

However, I’ve painted many children between the ages of six and twelve-years-old whose portraits have turned out beautifully! So, if your child is six or older and you’re wanting a portrait of him in his childhood years, be encouraged that it might be the time to proceed!

I once painted a family of five children each one at the age of eleven-years-old. Their parents displayed their portraits in a row on a dining room wall as a warm and lovely tribute to their family!

There are some people, yet, who wait until their children are between the ages of sixteen and eighteen-years-old to paint. This is also a wonderful time to portray children as they have an adult appearance while still retaining the freshness of youth.

In summary, the best time to paint your children is when you are so inclined while taking into consideration the above factors.

Whatever time you may choose to have your child’s portrait painted, I think you’ll find it to be a special and enjoyable experience for you and your family!