Artist’s Dance

Nancy KochenowerBlog


tiny drops
enormous globs
are dancing from my brush
alighting on my canvas
‘til it seems there’s just enough
some of them swirl
some of them glide
some quietly tiptoe on
some burst
some swoop
some just appear
then suddenly they’re gone

exhilaration, joy, peace
and thoughtful contemplation
attend the choreographies
as portraits near completion

yet on these flights of fantasy
that swell into crescendo
becoming likenesses of lives
begun by our Creator
a call is heard to join the troupes
participation’s needed
come with me on this journey
as paintings are completed

you may decide you want to dance
by picking up a brush
to paint along, experiencing
the full creative rush

or you may find you’re interested
in commissioning a work
of one whose likeness should endure
in a statement of fine art

and if you wish to view and read
whatever appears here
be it photographs of paintings
or ideas I may share
just know you’re more than welcome
the plan is that you’ll find
and especially a good time