Frills, Frocks, or Khakis Sans Socks? Nancy KochenowerBlog

Disclaimer: Paintings shown are not finished portraits Tips on dressing your child for the portrait photoshoot…. If you’re like most parents you want everything to be perfect the day of your child’s portrait photoshoot. His clothing, her hair, the venue, even your child’s mood is often of concern as you prepare for the big day. The good news is that … Read More

Best Age to Have Your Child’s Portrait Painted

Nancy KochenowerBlog

One of the first questions a parent asks me when contemplating having their child’s portrait painted is, 
“What is the best age to have my child’s portrait painted?” The answer is there’s no set age to have a painting done of your child but there are some factors I’m going to share with you that may help you make the best … Read More